Boots with fur (and other cozy linings)

In the Pacific Northwest, we’ve had the kind of winter that has struggled to get started. No real snow to speak of and the kind of mild, wet rain that makes time stand still. In short, I feel a bit stuck between wishing for cold and snow and hoping for spring.

For now, I’ll be happy with warm clothes and a few little updates like these cute (faux) lined fur boots. So fun and just enough for whatever weather you are walking through this winter ❤️

Happy boot season!



Friday Brand Feature: Born

It’s Friday and that means we’re taking a look at another one of our favorite brands: Born.

Anyone who has worn these shoes can tell you they are comfortable beyond measure. They feature quality leather, stylish details and –increasingly — fashion forward styles that lift your look and liven any outfit.

Let’s look at what the company says about itself:

“Why are Børn shoes so comfortable? Each pair is hand-crafted to create cushion and flexibility. In addition, our shoes are constructed with high quality outsoles, usually made of rubber or polyurethane. These materials are light-weight and have shock-absorbing properties. Lastly, each pair of Børn shoes has added layers of padding throughout the footbed and is constructed with high-quality sock linings that surround the foot in comfort. Børn uses the highest quality leathers, suede, nubuck and other materials sourced from vendors throughout the world. Our leathers are finished to give a particular look. Many of these techniques are hand finished, therefore look variations are normal and evidence of the uniqueness of every pair.”

We have quite a few pairs of Born shoes to choose from…AND…the best news? They are all on sale tomorrow!


born tie

Born short boots

If you are interested in *NEW* options, here are a few on Amazon:






Friday Brand Feature: Dansko

Story means everything. It explains “what” and “why” and “how” people and businesses work. The companies behind your favorite shoes are no exception and we are going to bring their stories to you each Friday. The first (our favorite): Dansko! Here is their story in the Dansko company’s own words:

“More than twenty years ago wife and husband team, Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup, discovered our first product in a tiny store in Europe. They realized that a simple pair of clogs would not only change their lives, but that of everyone who might wear them. So, believing that when you have something great you share it, they gave pairs to friends. Then their friends told their friends. And just like that, a comfort legend was born!

Today, our 100% employee owned company based in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, offers a complete line of footwear – heels, boots, sandals, wedges, flats and many, many types of clogs. Every pair is infused with legendary Dansko all-day comfort and support.”

Danskos support your style in complete comfort from hospital hallways to beach to boardroom. We stock Danskos regularly – take a look at the shop to see if we have your size!

Someone shop for me! (Why I sell shoes on EBay)

Let me tell you why I sell shoes on EBay: because I wanted to create exactly the shopping experience I prefer myself. I prefer free shipping, substantial savings, sustainable purchases (buying used = recycling at its best!), online shopping, great customer service, vintage options, and awesome quality.

I had created this experience for myself at thrift stores for as long as I had been buying clothes but life got busy and I just had trouble driving to the store, lugging kids inside, pushing carts, carrying bags, and checking shelves for what I needed. I didn’t have time to comb through racks at thrift stores anymore. That brought me to a realization: I still liked buying used but I wanted someone else to shop for me. 

The problem? What I wanted didn’t exist. I wanted someone to shop for me the way I would shop for myself. And that’s why I started selling shoes on EBay.

I think there are other people like me and I have *you* in mind when I am out shopping. I hope you find your next favorite pair of shoes in the Shyou Fly shop where we have fabulous used shoes, curated especially for you!



Barbie shoes grown big.


I remember a handful of dreams from childhood.  One in particular still makes me smile.  That dream is about shoes.  I’m serious.  It really is.  I remember placing a pair of tiny, pink Barbie sized heels on the chest at the foot of my bed and wishing that the combination of sleep and hope would grow those shoes to my size by morning.  I dreamed of what those shoes would look like that night.

Fast forward.  I am still dreaming about shoes and it is way more fun to grow a shoe BUSINESS than I could have dreamed as a little girl.

Follow along.  I might have your perfect pair of shoes or boots for sale.  If you don’t see them – let me know – I may just find them in my travels.

Shipping is free and so is this blog.