Friday Brand Feature: Alberta Boots


It’s Friday and we’re looking at a brand with a very cool back story – Alberta Boots.  I have one pair of cowboy boots in stock from this brand and they are beautiful.

Let’s look at what the company says about their history:

“Alberta Boot was an idea that came from Clement Gerwing in the mid 1970’s. He was selling western boots from Mexico and Quebec out of his wholesale footwear store. The demand for well made western boots was high and he didn’t like the quality and products coming in. This was when he decided to start a new venture at an age many were considering retirement.
In 1978, after playing around with several boot ‘last’ shapes over a course of 2 years, Alberta Boot was ready to go.
35 years later, we still make all our boots the same way we did at the beginning, even using quite a few of the original machines to add to the allure and individuality of every pair of boots produced.”

“For over 35 years, Alberta Boot Company has outfitted Royalty, movie stars, entertainers, celebrities, athletes, public figures, religious leaders, and most importantly – ordinary people from all over the world who are intrigued by the mystique of the Wild West! “There is no greater compliment that we could receive,” Ben Gerwing says, “then when a customer comes into our store and lays down their hard earned money for a pair of Alberta Boots. The Fact that well known people are wearing our product is an exciting thing, but it is the support of our regular clientele and the efforts of our dedicated staff that has brought our company to where it is today.”

“As Alberta’s ONLY western boot-maker, Alberta Boot Company is proud of their boots and enjoys a solid reputation built on quality products and excellent customer service, but what really sets Alberta Boot apart from the competition is that they actually manufacture the boots right on the premises at their Calgary manufacturing and retail location.”

Shyou Fly listing:

Alberta Boots, Roper/Wellington Cowhide Cowboy Boots Ladies Sz 8 – 2025 TN.

Straight from the company:

Alberta Boot Co.


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